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Version: 2.7.0

Minimum requirements

Luos engine's library uses hardware and software MCU ressources. Here are the minimum requirements to make Luos engine work properly:

MCU consideration for Luos engine using Robus network

FlashLuos engine + Robus use less than 32 kB of Flash memory
RAMLuos engine uses at least 2 kB of RAM for library usage and protocol message buffering
Stack512 B
Heap0 needed
GPIO(For Robus) 4 in one wire / 5 in RS485
Ressources(For Robus) 1 USART, 1 Timer (option: DMA and CRC)

Luos engine + Robus network performances vs microcontroler frequency

MCU frequencydata bandwidthRobus Max Baudrate
>=48 MHz700 Kbps> 1 Mbps
>=32 MHz350 kbps> 500 Kbps
>=16 MHz175 kbps> 250 Kbps
>=8 MHz87.5 kbps> 125 Kbps